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studio rental

you can rent the studio to print your own clothing runs. We supply all the chemicals, inks, and screens for you.

the studio is available to rent for a half day (4 hours) or a full day (8 hours) depending on your workload. 

screens are available for in-house rental. once your design is burned you have the option to keep it on the screen for 1 month before it is reclaimed. this can be extended if you require longer.

please see below for full price list.

introduction course

Cant print? No Problem!

if you would like to use the studio and have never printed before, take our short introductory course to get you started. The lesson runs for
4 hours and for £75 goes through everything you need to know to print your design in a single colour.

what does the introduction course cover?

-how to expose your design onto a screen

-mixing inks to a colour of your choosing

-setting up and registering your screen ready to print

-and of course, how to print your design

-all materials are included along with 5 blank white cotton t-shirts

all you will need is a design to print! We are happy to advise on how to get your design ready, just email your ideas over to get started.
After this initial lesson you can book the studio and continue to print your own projects as you please.

to Organise a day to print that suits you, email us at


1 0n 1

if you have completed the introduction course and would like to learn further, or you can print already but would like some help in realizing your project we are available for 1-on-1 teaching / assistance at £12 per hour. 

we are here to help with any problem or project, from printing in multi-colour to helping position clothing for large runs. We make sure you are never stuck or unable to complete your work by being available at any stage of your print. all you need do is ask and we will assist.


price list

half day studio rental (4 hrs) £10 per person
full day studio rental (8 hrs) £20 per person
screen preparation £20 per screen

screen rental for 1 month £10 per screen
ink (light fabric printing) £10 per 200ml
ink (dark fabric printing & white ink) £12.50 per 200ml
screen dehazing £8.50 per screen

1 on 1 £12 per hour
introduction course £75


opening times

mon - closed
tues - 10am - 8pm
wed- 10am - 8pm
thurs- 10am - 8pm
fri - 10am - 8pm
sat- 8am - 5pm


book a studio session by emailing us at:

intro course
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